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Do You Know The Basic Principles of Winsor Pilates

If you are searching for a new fitness routine that will help you flatten your abs, tone, sculpt, and shape your body from top to bottom, then it's time you learn the basics of Winsor Pilates. Pilates is a fitness routine that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. His fascination with conditioning and strengthening the human body was the result of a childhood filled with sickness. The result of his effort was a 'sequence of movements' in which mind and muscle work together.

Now that the history level is over we can get to the basic principles of Winsor Pilates and how they relate to the body. Since one of the main focuses of Winsor Pilates is body weight. For this reason, the exercises in this program are designed to stretch, tone, and strengthen all the muscles of the body, but particularly those of the abdomen and lower back. Some of the more basic principles of Winsor Pilates are: concentration, control, precision, centering, stabilizing, breathing, alignment, fluidity, and integration. Each of these principles has unique characteristics that I will discuss below.

Concentration is one of the most important, as it is required in order to have a successful workout. Through concentration, awareness of the body will be enhanced and you will have a more ordered and consistent workout experience.

Control is also important as a principle because Winsor Pilates is not about impact but consistency. You must have control over your body in order to achieve the moves you must accomplish.

Centering is primarily mental and involved using the mind to calm the spirit. When you aren't centered on what you are doing, your mind wanders and you become ineffective in your activity. This is true for work, school, play, and Pilates.

Stabilizing is important because you must begin in a still place both mentally and physically. Breathing is another important principle. This is important in all forms of fitness, but in Winsor Pilates has special importance because you use your breathing as part of the different moves. Alignment is also an important component as it is essential for posture. Proper posture is important in any fitness routine in order to avoid potential injury. You also need to become aware of your body, all parts of your body and paying attention to them consciously will help you become subconsciously aware of them.

Fluidity creates a graceful appearance but also accomplishes so much more. As such, it is very important as one of the basic Pilates principles. Finally, is the integration of all of these principles into one heck of a workout that not only addresses physical needs of the body, but mental needs of the person inside the body.Want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle? Visit us to learn more aboutbenefits of pilatesandpilates clothing.

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