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Volvo Improves Braking Functions

To increase road safety, Volvo, a world-leading Swedish auto manufacturer, improves its braking functions for the European market. If customers choose a Volvo truck with electronically controlled Brake System (EBS) in base form, more functions are incorporated to it without the burden of paying extra cost.

Among the additional features now made available by the automaker are Hill Start Aid that prevents the truck from rolling backward when starting on an uphill gradient, and Wheel Brake Monitoring that alerts the driver if the brake force on the wheels abruptly falls.

The EBS system incorporated in Volvo trucks can be ordered in 3 program packages: Standard, Medium and High. The Standard package remains in the base version. Moreover, the Medium version is already equipped with the EBS system. Moreover, the base version has been upgraded with six new functions, available for both semi-trailers and rigids.

Power bleed Volvo brakesare now upgraded to boost safety in driving. "We are now providing our customers with an extremely high safety level as standard, no matter the type of truck they order," said Lars-Göran Löwenadler, safety director at Volvo Trucks. "This is entirely in line with our constant determination to increase safety for drivers and other road-users alike."

EBS system has a number of sensors and valves to monitor and regulate the braking system of the vehicle. Additionally, it is possible now for the wheel and auxiliary brakes to interact with in just a short span of time to effectuate shortest viable braking distance in all sorts of driving situations. The braking force is also distributed optimally between the tractor and trailer. This is done to sustain stability even when braking.

The base range of Volvo trucks is now equipped with 6 functions. The first function is Hill Start Aid, which makes it easier to move off on an uphill gradient by automatically maintaining brake pressure until the engine has built up sufficient torque to move the truck forward without slipping backward. This feature is significant when hauling a heavy load.

Another significant function is the Panic Brake Assistance, which is designed to boost brake pressure in a panic braking situation. The system registers when the driver presses the brake pedal quickly to help cut the stopping distance. Other functions include the Wheel Brake Monitoring, Lining Wear Analysis, and Differential Lock Control. These functions contribute significantly to improve road safety in driving.Kenneth McKinley is a 35-year old marketing specialist of, a leading Volvo parts dealer in the country today. Working in the car parts industry for a long time now and being a car enthusiast himself gives him a wealth of knowledge on anything automotive.

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